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Screen Freeze Handbook

Watch Below if you are experiencing:

  • Arguing with your child about turning off the TV or Video Games.
  • Your child constantly asking to play on your phone.
  • Wishing your children spent more time outdoors.
  • Your children fighting with each other because of video games.
  • Your child being short tempered because of time spent on screens.
  • Feeling disconnected from your children.

Our 100+ Page Handbook Bundle Provides You With Everything You Need To Know To Start Your Screen Freeze:

  1. A Step-By-Step Guide (Including a 4 Part Video Instruction Guide)
  2. Parent Guide & Evaluation
  3. 100+ Screen-Free Activity Ideas (Including a 36 Page Boredom Buster Printables Pack)
  4. Screen-Free Daily Schedule
  5. Screen-Free Reward Chart
  6. A Guide for Screens After Your Freeze