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Time For Us: A Parent & Child Weekly Interactive Activity/Journal Membership


Give the gift that keeps giving all year. This monthly download is specifically designed to allow you to create memories with your child in a simple, lovely way. 

Each monthly kit comes with parent/child printable journal pages with engaging, fun questions to get your thoughts and minds knitted together.

They are also equipped with traditions, activities, and a beautiful large print download for you to celebrate your time together

My children were nagging me less and were so much less emotional when I created just 5-10 minutes hyper focused on them and our connection.

When I wrote the screen freeze challenge so many of you have said that connection is what you are missing and wanting more desperately in your home. I have worked on this journal/program for over six months and it takes the guesswork out of it for you. All you need to do is download, print and enjoy!

This monthly download will be delivered to your email inbox each month with unique hashtags and activities to share with like minded parents online. Time is the GREATEST GIFT you can give your child. It will increase their understand of their self-worth, gain a closer connection to you, and be a keepsake you will both cherish for years to come. 


  • A "Time For Us" coupon book download for your child to "cash in" once a week.
  • A beautiful, large industrial size print "TIME FOR US" download that you can display and track your time together all year long. 
  • A monthly "Time for Us" download packet including interactive journal pages, coloring pages, games, family tradition ideas, & more. (These are uniquely designed and only available with the download.)
  • Journal pages are equipped with unique questions for you and your child to explore together. 
  • Coloring pages that keep your child excited and involved.
  • Custom art work created to celebrate your time together in simple ways. 
  • Monthly themed ideas that keep things fresh month to month.

Your child will love it!

How often do we wish we would stop and savor the small, fleeting moments? This download membership is specifically created for parents who are looking to connect with their child in meaningful ways but aren't sure how. It takes the guesswork out of what to do and makes it as easy as pressing print. 


The children of today are bombarded by stimulation, entertainment, and screens. Create the opportunity to connect and teach your children about communication and connection with open dialogue so that when they do become older that they know how to connect on a very human way.

Create a tradition of time and creating moments that matter. You've got this!

"Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments." Rose Kennedy

What are others saying?


After having my attention split between home and worm, and getting ready to be busier than we have ever been, I've been craving more opportunities to connect with my sweethearts. AND TIME FOR US IS PERFECT!! This is a simple, meaningful way to create fun moments, that matter, together. WE've set aside Saturday or Sunday evenings to reconnect, to check in, to learn and to grow ---TOGETHER! The program has already done the hard work of creating and planning for me. I just have to set aside some time to gather as a family, and print the activities beforehand. I want my kids to look forward to this consistent meaningful time spent with each other each week. Tonight was our first time and I was immediately sold.

Alyssa Thornton

We just started doing the #timeforus program from @mymommystyle, and I am so excited! I had started asking the kids interesting questions a few months ago and loved their answers. The 1st was "I feel the most like me when..."
Wes replied with friends. Brynn's answer was, "When I'm by myself," and Eli said, "I like green," (his favorite color at the time).
This program is so fun because it has a great questions plus other fun creative activities pages to do as a family.
We were suppose to start last week, but then the stomach flu hit our family. So the kids were so excited to finally start.

Stephanie Nixon

Being a working mom comes with so many challenges. One of them being finding time to really connect with your kids. Between work, dinner, sports, errands, it leaves little time in the day to actually have meaningful conversations and connect with my boys. Insert “tax season” and that time dwindles even more.
I have been looking for ways to be intentional about the time we do have together. I was so excited when Camille launched her Time For Us program. She has come up with the cutest printables and activities to do with your kids. She has included questions for them that help get a conversation started.

Becky Vinberg


Do I have to print the docs myself?

Yes, you will have access to print the downloads in the comfort of you own home! Each month also come with a decorative print/activity that can be printed as an industrial print 8x10, 18x24, or 24x36. These are available through FedEx, Office Max, Staples, or anywhere print facilities are found near you.

Can't you just send them to me?

Sorry, no, this is a download subscription that facilitates the ability to customize however many prints you need from each packet available. 

Is there a minimum number of months I have to keep my monthly subscription?

No, you can choose the month to month $5 subscription and cancel any time. Or you can choose the full year and get a discount of $10 making the whole year only $50! 

Are there instructions on how to use the Time for Us?

Yes, when purchasing Time For Us you will receive a step by step tutorial of how to get started, and each month afterward comes with a cover letter describing the month and what is included in your monthly kit that will tie in the season/theme for the month.

What supplies to I need to have on hand?

In general it is basic craft supplies to supplement the downloads: crayons, colored pencils, markers, tape scissors. Nothing fancy! Snacks are always good to have on hand as well!

What if have more than one child?

Do I need to purchase a subscription for each? Great question! No, your purchase includes access to as many prints as you need for your own personal family. Please do not share with others outside your family. If you run a small preschool out of your home I am alright with you using it for this purpose as well.

How much time should I plan to spend on Time for Us with each child? Depending on the activity you may want to do it with more than one child or more one on one. The activities are fun to do as a group and the journal pages are fun to visit with the kids one on one to discuss their individual ideas and thoughts. Focus on getting valuable eye contact with your child at this time. THIS is what will set this time apart from anything else that you do in your family. Make connection with your hearts and your eyes. Put away the phones, screens, and distractions for this special time

Will I really have time to do this?

Not having the time to spend on Time for Us. Life is busy. You know it, I know it. This is meant to be a special time once a week that you set aside 10 minutes a week to focus on your child! You can do this and I am here to support you!

How will I remember to do it?

Docs are printed in the same place every single month. They are available the 15th before the coming month. You can also sign up to get reminder emails when you sign up if you would like extra help remembering. Make sure to sign up for our facebook community to connect with like minded parents and stay engaged in the process.

Connecting with your kids has never been easier. Sign up today! Choose between the two options below, month to month, or annual membership.